The King and Me

A fantastic outing with a cooperative and entertaining subject.  🙂

Eastern Kingbird  (DOL-A-5127)

Eastern Kingbird  (DOL-A-5055)

Eastern Kingbird  (DOL-A-5088)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


Anvilcloud said…
Very regal photos. Clear subject which stands out well with good DoF. Good on ya.
Karen Ann said…
Great captures! Love the "feel" of the light
Jane's Gardens said…
I particularly love the second one. The lighting in all of them and the sharpness are perfect.
Nancy Chan said…
Great shots! Have a nice weekend!
Lisa Gordon said…
Beautiful birds, and truly wonderful images, Daniel.
Have a great week!
Thank you, Daniel, we have so many of them here and I was not sure that I identified them right. Awesome shots as usual. B
Hi friend!! beautiful images.

Stephanie said…
Beautiful shot with the bright yellowy background.
Wow capture . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.
Thank you for the good and very helpful information. It is very interesting. I love all the things you share and see your beautiful creation.

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