Steam Fog occurs over open water where the surface temperature of the water is warmer than the colder air above it.


Be kind to one another.

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Love there Wellington Beach lighthouse. We will have to try and get there for a visit soon, when this cold snap eases up again.
Lisa Gordon said…
Wow, Daniel, both of these are absolutely gorgeous!!
The amount of ice and snow in the second one is really amazing, and the colors in the first one are pure magic.
Happy Sunday to you!
Kea said…
Absolutely stunning photographs!

Thanks for stopping by my Musings blog. I'm definitely NOT a photographer -- lol. Just puttering around on foot with my little low-end p&S. :-)

I must look through your posts now!

All the best.
Gorgeous photos! Beautiful light! - Karen
Anonymous said…
Wow - that is truly beautiful!

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