Running Late

While most Great Blue Herons have flown to warmer southern climates.  This particular Heron either likes our winters or has lost track of time and is simply running late.

Delayed - DOL-A-5660
Great Blue Heron


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Andy said…
A strange sight to see in winter here. A few years back I was walking on the frozen Frenchman's Bay when one flew overhead.
Karen Ann said…
Beautiful capture! We have blue herons at the summer cottage. I got a fancy zoom lens for Christmas and I look forward to taking decent photos of them in warmer months.

Stephen Hayes said…
I hope there isn't as medical reason this bird hasn't flown to a warmer climate.
Hilary said…
It's going to be a while until it finds open water. I suppose your squirrel and small bird population will be somewhat diminished.. Great captures!
Red said…
I would never have expected to see a heron in snow.
Kay L. Davies said…
I also wouldn't have expected to see a heron in snow. I hope it survives. If the first photo is anything to go by, it seems to be able to fly alright but it might be somewhat skinny. Well done to get these photos.
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Lisa Gordon said…
What a beauty, Daniel, and I love the way he/she looks in the snow.
Just beautiful.
Wishing you all of the very best things n the New Year!

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