Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Red Bird

Northern Cardinal (m)

Red Bird

Red bird came all winter
Firing up the landscape
As nothing else could.

Of course I love the sparrows,
Those dun-colored darlings,
So hungry and so many.

I am a God-fearing feeder of birds,
I know he has many children,
Not all of them bold in spirit.

Still, for whatever reason-
Perhaps because the winter is so long
And the sky so black-blue,

Or perhaps because the heart narrows
As often as it opens-
I am grateful

That red bird comes all winter
Firing up the landscape

As nothing else can do.

- Mary Oliver


Stephen Hayes said...

Wonderful combination of imagery and poetry.

Lady Fi said...

Lovely shot! And I love anything by Mary Oliver.

Photo(Geo)grapher said...

What a beautiful picture of this colourful little bird

Captured By Jade said...

I love combination of photo and poem.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !!!! I so love your photos. Linda--Tn.

Liz said...

He's a gorgeous bird!

Michelle said...

This is a sweet photo. I always enjoy seeing a Cardinal and you have captured this one well.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Lovely shot.. Happy week and thanks for your kind comment..