Diving Red Heads

Redhead Duck Dive #1

Fascinating ducks to watch and photograph.

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Tabor said…
GORGEOUS. Now I am intimidated to post ANY bird photos!
Stephen Hayes said…
Beautiful, even though the head looks more copper than red. I always enjoy your nature shots. Take care.
Michelle said…
Quite a dignified appearance!
Hi Daniel! My oh my, these are wonderful shots of the Diving Redheads. The blue water brings out their colours magnificently. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!
This is awesome! Beautiful ... and so red. Aptly named.

Thank you for sharing this post with us birders at I'd rather b birdin' this week.
Lisa Gordon said…
They are gorgeous, Daniel, and those little heads look like they would glow in the dark! :-)
Have a wonderful evening, my friend.
Liz Needle said…
And handsome too. What a beautiful colour they are.
Gorgeous shots, Daniel! Sorry to see you leave as a fb friend. Take care~

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