Natures Engineer Part #2

North American Beaver (DOL-A-5866)


North American Beaver (DOL-A-5334)

 No one likes a bully.  If you see something... please, do something.

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Stephen Hayes said…
Fabulous shots. I've always been fascinated with beavers.
Michelle said…
I find them to be such interesting creatures. They do some serious work at the creek bordering our farm!
Lisa Gordon said…
I know that they can be destructive, etc., etc., but I just thnk they are so adorable!
Hilary said…
Beautiful captures of our national critter!
What wonderful photos! You've captured him/her beautifully!
They live up to the saying, busy beavers, but they sure can cause a lot of damage.
Happy Holidays to your and your family.

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