Giveaway and Christmas

Hello all:  a follow blogger 
The Chubby Chatterbox is having a GIVEAWAY to increase his readership.  

I'm a big fan and regular follower and invite you... 
to follow The Chubby Chatterbox and leave a comment indicating your interest in the painting shown below.

Please mention me by name (Daniel LaFrance) that I forced you to follow him... just kidding about forcing you, but please do mention my name. lol

The opportunity to win this painting ends on December 3 !  The goal is for the winner to have the artwork in time for Christmas. This beautiful painting comes framed and includes shipping too!

I'd love to win this prized painting and have it hanging in my home; 
however, you could be the lucky winner!

The best part of following The Chubby Chatterbox is the enjoyment of reading his short stories. He writes about varying topics that include family, life, the art scene, nostalgia, etc. that draws you in because you're able to identify with the topic. 

I hope to see your name on his list of Followers.



Stephen Hayes said…

Thanks so much for the shout out for my giveaway. I really appreciate it.

Lisa Gordon said…
This is a really beautiful painting, Daniel, and a very generous giveaway!

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