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Backyard Feeders #3

Attracting birds to your bird feeders is easy enough.  Spend a little time watching what birds visit your property, your neighbourhood and your local park.  This is a good beginning for anyone interested in getting started.

The birds that visit my yard enjoy the ever popular Black Oil Sunflower seed. In fact, most birds favour this type of seed.  So... I suggest you avoid purchasing mixed-seed and other fillers. You get much better value by purchasing Black Oil Sunflower seed for your feeder(s).

The Red-breasted Nuthatch shown below loves to eat a variety of food.  Including the aforementioned Black Oil Sunflower seed, nuts and suet too.

As a hobby, bird feeding and watching requires patience and a bit of study/observation on your part.  It may take a number of seasons before you start attracting a variety and greater number of birds.  
Birds can be picky about feeder location.  I ended up moving my feeder stations further away from the house and closer to the trees. However not so close…

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Tiny Treasures

I must admit I enjoy these tiny treasures as they chirp and flitter around as I fill the feeder.  On occasion they may land on the feeder as I fill it.  Even rarer, they may land on me.

Shades of Grey

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Silage Time

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Giveaway and Christmas

Hello all:  a follow blogger The Chubby Chatterbox is having a GIVEAWAY to increase his readership.  

I'm a big fan and regular follower and invite you... 
to followThe Chubby Chatterboxand leave a comment indicating your interest in the painting shown below.

Please mention me by name (Daniel LaFrance) that I forced you to follow him... just kidding about forcing you, but please do mention my name. lol

The opportunity to win this painting ends on December 3 !  The goal is for the winner to have the artwork in time for Christmas. This beautiful painting comes framed and includes shipping too!

I'd love to win this prized painting and have it hanging in my home;  however, you could be the lucky winner!

The best part of following The Chubby Chatterbox is the enjoyment of reading his short stories. He writes about varying topics that include family, life, the art scene, nostalgia, etc. that draws you in because you're able to identify with the topic. 

I hope to see your name on his l…

Backyard Feeders #2

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