Bone Chillin'


Taken yesterday, arctic air has steam fog rising off lake Ontario; temperatures were -40 with the wind chill.


Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel this is an AMAZING shot!! There are not enough superlatives to describe how much I love it.
We are in the middle of historic cold also. Ay midday, it was -17 with a windchill of -38.
Ready for spring??
Happy Valentine's Day.
Stephen Hayes said…
How fun to imagine what's making this splash.
Michelle said…
This belongs in a frame...on a wall! You are quite the man for braving those temperatures!
Anonymous said…
So gorgeously cold!
Stunning capture and a very apt title. I don't know how you braved those temperatures - my statement of you being a dedicated photographer still stands.

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Liz said…
Ah... so that is what arctic "backsplah" looks like! I often photograph the backsplash at one of our beaches with the rising or setting sun on the water.
Beautiful image Daniel!

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