Seasonal Shift II

Dark-eyed Junco

Path to Lake Ontario

Autumn Colours

Blue Jay: Decisions decisions...

Leaf Traffic

Chipmunk: Storing a Winter Supply

Blue Jay

Are you ready for winter?


The gardens are ready, it's just me that isn't ready for winter to arrive :) Can we have some more nice Fall weather please, please, please :)
Stephen Hayes said…
You've totally captured the changing of the season.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful photos of the change of seasons. No, I'm not ready for winter but, I am enjoying the few nice days we're having hoping they continue through November.
Brian King said…
Stunning photos, Daniel! Juncos are a favorite of mine, but we don't get them often.
Stephanie said…
Stunningly beautiful to all the images on this post. Love that second shot!
Tabor said…
Such a lovely place. Juncos are had to capture due to their blending dark tones but you got this one tack sharp and perfect eyed.
I don't think I'm quite prepared for the cold that is to come with winter... It's already pretty chilly here in Wales, with the winter coat having been dug out!

So many beautiful pictures, the squirrel shot is quite a capture. I've yet to catch a squirrel so wonderfully! And the colour in the last picture is spectacular.

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Lisa Gordon said…
It looks like you're having a beautiful autumn, Daniel, and that little Junco is just adorable!
Karin said…
Beautiful autumn colors and scenery! Those critters are so adorable.
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful junco! and adorable chippy. :)
Hilary said…
Ahh winter must be coming if the juncos are around. Beautiful captures here.. one and all.

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