Alaska Part II

After leaving Seattle, we had one sea day before our first port of call.  Which means take in the sights from your veranda and relax.  Alternatively enjoy the views from any of the decks. You can explore the ship, the shops, entertainment, all the different places to enjoy a meal, snack, never-mind all the lounges and bars... or try your hand in the casino.  If you're into fitness, there is a gym and of course you can be pampered in the spa.



This cruise stays relatively close to land.  We follow the Inside Passage and enjoy the sights.

Alaska Cruise


DOL-A-5002   DOL-A-4933

Fishing, living off the land, and tourism are the main economic drivers for these communities. Seeing float-planes is a common sight.  The upriver salmon run is one of nature’s great migrations. Each year mature salmon make the long journey back to their natal river to reproduce. They become a source of food for gulls and other critters.



The salmon tastes like no other. If you visit, you must try it. It is seriously good!

- If you missed Part I, click here.


Liz said…
I loved Ketchikan! We didn't have any salmon there, though I did have a lot on the ship.
We did the Float Plane excursion to the Fjords and landed on a lake between the mountains. It was fabulous!
The Furry Gnome said…
Our son was a float plane pilot in Prince Rupert for several years - beautiful country!
Red said…
I've always wanted to do this trip. Great photos of a different life.
Stephen Hayes said…
Our first cruise was to Alaska, very similar to the one you're enjoying. Love the pictures.
Brian King said…
Gorgeous shots! Love the gull - great detail!
Michelle said…
What a beautiful area. I think the gull is giving you some attitude :)
Now that looks like a perfectly beautiful fun cruise to take. B
This looks like a really nice low key relaxed cruise. I've never been on your cruise, but I always think of them in sunnier climes, so it's nice to see sights from one that isn't.

Sharing snapshots at Captured By Jade
Pamela Gordon said…
I've always wanted to do this trip and we have a lot of friends who have. The coastal scenery is amazing as your photos show.

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