May Mashup #1

Blue Jay

Yellow Warbler

Moss Plox


Enjoy your day!


TexWisGirl said…
the yellow warbler sure grabs attention. :)
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful photos, especially that spruce tree.
The yellow warbler is one I would love to see - hopefully one day! Nice shots, Daniel.
DeniseinVA said…
Marvelous photos! I would enjoy seeing those warblers too.
Stephanie said…
That Yellow Warbler is a gorgeous bird.
Robyn Goddard said…
Beautiful set of pictures!

I have a soft spot for blue jays as they were the mascot of the high school I graduated from.

One can never go wrong with pretty purple flowers.

The spruce tree shot is gorgeous. What a neat view point of great color capture.
Brian King said…
Fantastic shots! Love that tree!
Julie G. said…
Don't you just love spring? So many beautiful things to photograph! Exquisite detail on that handsome Blue Jay. Love the gorgeous Yellow Warbler against the blue sky. Lovely sights, photographed beautifully!
Anonymous said…
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