Fresh Orange




Enjoy your day!


Tabor said…
So you set our color-coordinated feeders...what a photographer!!
ADRIAN said…
A fantastic looking bird and perfect processing. It's stunning.
carolann said…
Oh my this bird I love.

You did a fantastic take.
Michelle said…
Beautiful, vibrant colors on this bird!
Stephen Hayes said…
Fabulous pictures, masterfully composed. The orange blares like a trumpet!
Frank said…
Very dapper. It will stand out in any crowd. Super pics Daniel.
My goodness, what a beauty! And captured so magnificently!
Anonymous said…
What a stunning bird!
My goodness what a breathtaking bird! Fantastic photography Daniel!!
Qu'il est beau, cet oiseau orange.

Je suppose que les red cardinals choisissent la mangeoire rouge, les blue birds le bleu, et ainsi de suite .....?!
Wow, Daniel. Unbelievable that it's a wild bird. The color is gorgeous. Fantastic series. Greetings, Joke
Lisa Gordon said…
Such a handsome fella, Daniel!

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