Midland Painted Turtle




A special treat to see and help cross the road.  

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Red said…
You had to work hard to get at eye level with this guy. Nicely done.
Stephen Hayes said…
Great picks. Reminds me of a saying: It's as futile as racing a turtle home.
What a rare sight. The colouring is beautiful.
Great captures of this little very colorful guy. Blue.. Wow!
Pamela Gordon said…
It's so beautiful! I love the shiny shell and red markings. Nice to see!
Brian King said…
Fantastic shots! Love the detail on this guy!
Stephanie said…
Fabulous shots! Nice to see them up close with their details.
Ida said…
Neat shots of this turtle. I like the 1st one a lot. We found one in my mom's yard last year and took it to our city park where they set it free to live with the other turtles in a safe environment.
Lisa Gordon said…
I've never seen a turtle that colorful, Daniel. Just gorgeous!

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