Ice Ice Baby






The Glenora Ferry provides a free service and runs every 30 minutes through the winter period.

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  1. I enjoy winter, but detest freezing rain.
  2. Today, it is mild (above freezing) and raining.
  3. Red-winged Black birds have arrived.
  4. We're beginning to see patches of grass.
  5. I find the amount of violence shown on the news has a negative impact on me.

Be kind to someone. It will make make your day and their's a whole lot better.


Daniel this looks so cold and fresh. I bet the ferry has to cut through that ice on occasion. Take care. Chel
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, you make the cold look absolutely beautiful!
I love those blues.
Have a great weekend!
Stephen Hayes said…
Interesting to see how the ferry cuts a path for itself in the ice, or keeps the water from freezing.
I like the shades of blue you captured in the ice in the first shot.
Lmkazmierczak said…
Gorgeous blues♪
Brandi said…
I agree, sometimes it's just too hard to watch the news. We've got signs of spring here, too. Lovely colors in your photographs!
Anonymous said…
Apparently, a lot of waterfowl don't mind the ice cold water. I wonder if some of those Red-winged Blackbirds stopped here for a few days before moving north. I had more of them this winter than ever, male, female and juvenile. I thought that odd, as I'd read the males and females migrate separately--which had been our experience in the past.
Pam said…
Don't watch the news myself, like you it just upsets my mood. If something really important is going on I'll overhear people discussing it as I'm out and about. The rest of it is just negative noise.

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