Flying in Formation


Why fly in formation?  The folks at Science Magazine and National Geographic share some thoughts on the topic.



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Michelle said…
That second shot is like a perfect sequence.
Stephen Hayes said…
Whenever I see ducks or geese flying overhead in formation, I get goosebumps, as I am now looking at your photographs.
Pamela Gordon said…
Gorgeous photos! The geese look beautiful against that blue sky.
ak-ut said…
all of them are so beautiful :-)
Wow, I am speechless, Daniel. Your pictures are gorgeous. I have tried to photograph them so often, but I never succeeded. Great work. Greetings, Joke
Sylvia K said…
Gorgeous blue skies and they're the perfect backdrop for those awesome birds in flight!! Terrific post for the day, Daniel, as always!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a wonderful weekend!!
Really great shots... perfect focus and I like the vibrant blue sky!
Kaya said…
Second day I am looking at your flying geese. Your photos are simply perfect. I never could capture flying geese. No matter what I did and how hard I tried.

Beautiful and outstanding photos!
Arija said…
Beautiful captures. Amazing how easily they do it when our pilots have to practice so hard to get the same effect.
Ida said…
These were beautiful. Very crisp and clear.
Liz said…
Brilliant images Daniel! I'm not great with birds in flight so I am always in awe of those who can get the settings right!

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