Beauty Queens


Swans are definitely beautiful and adjectives such as graceful and elegant to name just but two are often used to describe them.  Unfortunately, swans and most other waterfowl are dying in great numbers this winter. The Great Lakes have frozen over more than normal over the past two winters. They look pretty healthy, yet looks are deceiving.  Underneath their beautiful feathers, many are nothing more than skin and bones.

Thankfully there are many good people going out and feeding them cracked corn and greens.  Bread is the worst thing for them and really doesn't provide any nutrition.

Please support your local wildlife rescue centres.


Stephen Hayes said…
Beautiful photograph, and thanks for warning me to feed them something more nutritious than bread.
Cloudia said…
Bless you for telling it!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Stephanie said…
People need to know about the bread not being good for them. Beautiful image.
Pamela Gordon said…
A beautiful photo. It's sad to know that waterfowl are having such a difficult winter though.

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