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March Mashup #1

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It's official, Spring time is here... lets hope it unfolds gracefully.
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Flying in Formation

Why fly in formation?  The folks at Science Magazine and National Geographicshare some thoughts on the topic.

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If you like what you see, please let me know.  If you have suggestions, please share them.

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Duck Time

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As each day passes, I'm seeing increasing numbers of geese.  

Ice Ice Baby

The Glenora Ferry provides a free service and runs every 30 minutes through the winter period.

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I enjoy winter, but detest freezing rain.Today, it is mild (above freezing) and raining.Red-winged Black birds have arrived.We're beginning to see patches of grass.I find the amount of violence shown on the news has a negative impact on me.
Be kind to someone. It will make make your day and their's a whole lot better.

Whispers of Green

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Great Hair

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Snow Dogs

Best Buddies!

These two love playing in the snow.Clearly they don't know how much work daddy does relocating the snow.Do you ever wonder what thoughts go through their minds?They are endearing (frustrating too) and a big part of my life.I wonder what they think of us. Have a fun filled day!

Remember When...

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Beauty Queens

Swans are definitely beautiful and adjectives such as graceful and elegant to name just but two are often used to describe them.  Unfortunately, swans and most other waterfowl are dying in great numbers this winter. The Great Lakes have frozen over more than normal over the past two winters. They look pretty healthy, yet looks are deceiving.  Underneath their beautiful feathers, many are nothing more than skin and bones.

Thankfully there are many good people going out and feeding them cracked corn and greens.  Bread is the worst thing for them and really doesn't provide any nutrition.

Please support your local wildlife rescue centres.

Great Lake

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