I noticed this swift and flighty bird in the bush and was curious as to what it might be.  Eventually... and lucky for me it stopped for just a brief moment.

Blue-headed Vireo

Please visit the Audubon web site to learn more about this beautiful bird, .

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Stephen Hayes said…
I haven't heard of this bird, so I'll be sure to research it. Great shots.
Tabor said…
We get them in the spring. They are lovely. Good photograph.
Brian King said…
Fantastic! Definitely not easy to photograph!
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful little one, Daniel!
Julie G. said…
Lovely photographs of the Blue-headed Vireo, Daniel! This is one of my favorite birds, though I have only caught glimpses of them.
mick said…
Great photo of a beautiful little bird. I am glad it stopped long enough for you to be able to photo it.
Sylvia K said…
Superb captures of such a beautiful little bird!! I am also glad that it stopped long enough for you to catch these great shots!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, so gorgeous!

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