Island Paradise

Our temporary home away from home at Island Paradise.  We enjoyed our stay in a quaint and cosy one bedroom cottage.  As did our two dogs, Molly and Abby.



The grounds are well maintained and the cottages are well kept and clean.  Location is convenient to everything one could want... even the beach is a short 5 minute walk.  I can understand why the owners have repeat clients year after year.





Common Area: Tiki Hut with BBQ



We spent time on our front porch reading, watching the world go by, chatting, enjoying a meal and/or drink.  The bottom line: Island Paradise took care of all the basics and then some to ensure our comfort.


Stephen Hayes said…
It looks like paradise, a fantastic spot to soak up the fun and let cares wash away.
Pamela Gordon said…
What a pretty and vintage looking place. So sunshiny in yellow and turquoise with the tile roof. Looks like a lovely place to stay.
Tabor said…
Looks nice and low key and just the place for a get-away.
Terri B said…
Oh gosh, it looks WARM. I'm ready for some nice weather so that we can go on vacation. I'm glad you had a good time. If the mountains were warm right now, that's where I would want to get away to.
Hilary said…
It looks lovely and colourful and oh so inviting. And now here you are.. back in the brrrr of an Ontario winter.
Stephanie said…
Love the look of these cottages. I googled the place for later viewing and to see the interiors.

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