Wood Storks of Florida

I am enjoying the warmer temperatures here in sunny Florida although a blast of colder air has been around for a couple of days.  I've spent a little time taking photos which I'd like to share with ya'll.

Standing time

Sitting time

Nap time

Source: http://fl.audubon.org/wood-stork

The Wood Stork is one of Florida's signature wading birds, a long-legged, awkward-looking bird on land that soars like a raptor in the air. Like many Florida birds associated with wetlands, the Wood Stork has suffered from the destruction and degradation of our state's wetlands. Today, the Wood Stork is classed "Endangered" by the State of Florida and the federal government.




This was a first for yours truly.  A magnificent bird to admire and an unforgettable experience.


Stephen Hayes said…
I must say it looks much better in the sky than it does on land. It probably wouldn't thing much of MY appearance.
Tabor said…
They are ugly and exotic and wondrous!
Cloudia said…
good series!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Buttons said…
Awesome shots Daniel. In the sunny Florida missing all the squalls and cold in the county eh? Good plan:) B
Pamela Gordon said…
It is a funny looking bird on the ground but very beautiful in the air. Great captures! Enjoy the sunshine.
Lisa Gordon said…
Beautiful creature, Daniel, and that beak is amazing!
Red said…
Awesome bird. Beautiful photos.
Brian King said…
Talk about prehistoric! Beautiful photos!
Hilary said…
Part of the beauty of being somewhere else is finding wildlife that we don't ordinarily see. The other part is capturing it as wonderfully as you do.

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