Snowy Egret

DOL-A-6641 - Copy
Snowy Egret

DOL-A-6555 - Copy

DOL-A-6590 - Copy
Visit All About Birds/Cornell Lab of Ornithology to learn more about the Snowy Egret

Have yourself a pain free, peaceful day filled with moments of happiness!


Stephanie said…
It looks like it is having a bad hair day and wearing its finest yellow stockings. What a gorgeous looking bird. Love the images!
Tabor said…
Glad they are no longer being killed for those lovely feathers.
Stephen Hayes said…
Is that a good or a bad hair day? Great closeups. You really feel these presence of this bird.
Michelle said…
That first picture made me think of a very old man!
Hilary said…
Wow.. beautiful captures. What a stunning face.
Robyn Goddard said…
What a beautiful egret! I love the blue beak.

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