Mr. Deeds



Final approach

Touch down



Sitting pretty

Don't worry, be happy! :)

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Andy said…
Daniel these photos are fantastic! I like how presented a little timeline story with them.
Tabor said…
Terrific clarity once again!
Stephen Hayes said…
Great action shot of what looks like bird hanky-panky.
Brian King said…
Wow, those are fantastic! Beautiful!
Michelle said…
Exceptional photos, once again!
Hilary said…
Great captures of .. f wording.

Fine feathered friends. What did you think I meant? ;)

They truly are fantastic. I'm so glad you share your eye.
DeniseinVA said…
Fantastic photos, such a joy to see these beautiful birds.
eileeninmd said…
Fantastic series on the Osprey! Awesome photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!
Awesome photos of these handsome birds!
Adam Jones said…
Fantastic series of pictures. Amazing.
Terri B said…
Well if that isn't a perfect sequence I don't know one. You were in the right place at the right few moments..I don't think I have ever seen a bird land on top of another- except for ones that are looking for dinner! Awesome, Daniel.
Marie said…
Some of the most beautiful osprey shots I have ever seen! Wow!
Fabulous photos. Have a great week.

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