Little Blue Heron



Ready to Strike


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Pamela Gordon said…
Great captures! I like it's green legs.
You've captured the beautiful blue colour of the heron.
Didn't realize they had green legs until I read Pam's comment and looked again.
I know Fort De Soto well, found my one and only whole sand dollar there a few years ago.
Stephanie said…
He is a beauty. Green legs are nice to see!
Stephen Hayes said…
I always wanted long legs like that, well maybe not exactly like that. Nice shots.
Tabor said…
Nice. Heading to Florida in a few weeks and hope I can get a few good shots!
Hilary said…
Beautiful bird. I'll bet your camera never leaves your side there.
Brian King said…
Beautiful! Love these guys! Unfortunately, we don't have them here.
ladyfi said…
Awww -such sweet captures.
These are really great...and your barn scenes, to the left, inspiring. I really want to have a barn project this summer.
Villrose said…
A wonderful series of the lovely bird!

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