Florida Mashup

Willets (nonbreeding adults)



American Alligator


White Ibis

Florida Softshell Turtle


Anhingas are one of the very few birds that swim with their bodies submerged.

Common Gallinule

Hope you enjoyed this edition of the 'Mashup'.

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Lia Storm said…
These all look quite familiar to me since this is my home :-) You take some beautiful pictures Daniel.
Stephanie said…
Yes, very enjoyable viewing your beautiful images!
Red said…
You're having a lot of fun in Florida! thanks for showing some of our birds in winter plumage.
Tabor said…
I am headed out to Florida and hope I can get some photos there. I have so very very many in my collection already, that I am not as enthusiastic as one would hope.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful and unique birds. A friend is in Florida right now and posted a photo of the Anhingas on Facebook but didn't know what it was. I was able to help her. :)
Stephen Hayes said…
I always enjoy your nature photographs, and I appreciate you exposing me to creatures I might not otherwise see.
Hilary said…
You got a beautiful collection of critters here. And glorious sunshine.
Julie G. said…
Daniel, you have featured a beautiful collection of Florida wildlife in this post! Oh what a delight it is for me to see these beautiful creatures as large snowflakes are collecting outside my window. Your wonderful post makes me long for sunny Florida. Love the softshell turtle and Willets! All are lovely, though. Hope you are having a glorious, sunshine-filled vacation!
Brian King said…
These are gorgeous! Great job!
Jocee said…
Beautiful pics. What a great place for birds.

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