An Oyster Catcher

DOL-A-6412 - Copy
American Oystercatcher

DOL-A-6406 - Copy

Do you enjoy/dislike oysters?

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Red said…
This guy looks like he could handle any oyster.
Stephen Hayes said…
This bird just doesn't look real. Amazing. Oysters? Haven't had them enough to say. I do enjoy clams and mussels.
mick said…
Great photos of the Oystercatcher. It is very similar to the Oystercatchers here in Australia but a few minor color differences.
Sylvia K said…
What great shots!! I've never seen an Oystercatcher before, Daniel!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope your week is going well!!
Buttons said…
I like them but preferred smoked not as fresh as that:) Great shots. Hug B
Marie Flutterby said…
Omgosh what a cutey, he had his eye on you too! lol

Excellent capture! =0)
Such clear and vibrant photos Daniel. I wish my camera could pick up such detail. Have a great week!
Pamela Gordon said…
A beautiful bird and it's bill is brilliant. I suppose it pries open the oysters with it's bill? Dislike clams (fried!). :)

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