Striking a Pose


Hope your Christmas was as you hoped it would be.  As the New Year approaches I want to wish you and yours a Healthy and Happy 2015 !

Weekly Top Shot #166


Andy said…
Yes... absolutely striking! Beautiful shot!
Buttons said…
Oh what an incredible shot Daniel. It was a lovely Christmas I do believe yours was too.
Just wanted to give you a little info check Globe and Mail Jan 2, just sayin:) The New Year is looking promising. Hug B
Wow, I wondered what happened to Hedwig now that Harry Potter has finished!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are now resting after all the indulgence!
Jane's Gardens said…
What a nice "gift" to share with your "followers".
Love it! All the best to you and your family for the coming year.
Red said…
We've had some very good shots of snowy owls this winter. this is one of them.
Stephen Hayes said…
Gorgeous shot. Such a majestic bird. I look forward to another year of your wonderful pictures. Take care.
Hilary said…
What a fabulous shot of a stunning bird. Thanks for this snowy gift.
Lea said…
Great photo!
Best wishes for the New Year!

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