Fascinating birds to observe.  These birds accompanied us on sea days, during our cruise.

Masked Booby


Bombs Away

Fly by


These are not typical birds in my part of the world.


Gillian Olson said…
Wonderful pictures Daniel, the pelican is especially good.
Andy said…
As usual... excellent photography.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Aaaaamazing series of images Daniel, I can't believe you caught so much 'action' :)
Tabor said…
You are truly an excellent photographer and I wish you lived nearby so I could follow you around and observe and learn.
Marie Flutterby said…
Beautiful photo shots of the wooby and Pelacan and certainly hope nobody was under the Wooby when he/she releaved him/herself. lol

Have a Happy Wordless Wednesday my friend. =0)
Pamela Gordon said…
Fantastic pictures. I've never caught a 'bombs away' one before. LOL
Stephen Hayes said…
I've never seen a photograph of a bird pooping in the air. It's a good thing cows don't fly.
Felicia said…
wonderful images. the bombs away is....aaahhhh very interesting. :>)
Stephanie said…
Impressive images, Daniel! You have been missed.
Breathtaking! Would love to see these in person but this is about as close a second as I could wish for.

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