Mountain Ash Berries

American Robin

Such a pretty bird... don't you agree?


Stephen Hayes said…
Yes, a beautiful bird, masterfully photographed.
Felicia said…
is a beautiful bird and your images is equally beautiful.
Fantastically fantastic capture!
Andy said…
Yes... beautiful bird and beautiful photography.
S. Etole said…
You take the most incredible photos.
Lisa Gordon said…
A very pretty bird, and a very beautiful photograph!
Hilary said…
Oh indeed I do.. and this is a wonderful capture.
Marie Flutterby said…
American Robins are so beautiful and adorable it's a scary thought of how lonely and quiet this world would be without them.

Beautiful capture! =0)
TexWisGirl said…
i heard then saw one here the other day! we only get them migrating through.
Oh so beautiful. I just took photos of an Mountain but not birds to be seen this is awesome. Ok one or the reason I hate commenting sometime when I finally do is word verification. I don't have it and blogger seem to always pull any spam I have and doesn't post it. I really hate going through 3 or 4 verifications before I can finally read what it says. Just saying. But your photos are amazing would love to come see more.
Oh wow no verifications love that. Love the photo even more.

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