Look Who's Talking

If you could caption any of these photos; what do you imagine they're thinking or saying?

Purple Finch (female)

Purple Finch (male)

Downy Woodpecker (male)

Black-capped Chickadee

Winter is on its way!


Buttons said…
Purple Finch. What are YOU thinking she is wondering:) Great shots Daniel. hug B
Tabor said…
They are all thinking "When the heck are they going to fill the bird feedeers?"
Stephen Hayes said…
For any one of them:

You're in big trouble if you market my image without a release form! My agent is very hawkish.
Brian King said…
These are beautiful! I love the Downy!
Stephanie said…
They are thinking about food for the next while.
Hilary said…
Hmmm to me, they're all saying that "this image or video is currently unavailable" in 8 languages. :/

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