Deer Guests

This memo is to inform you that the only shooting to occur on these premises will be by cameras alone.  Feel free to frolic as nature intended.

Male, White-tailed Deer

Female, White-tailed Deer

We're always thrilled to see deer on our property.

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Red said…
The buck has a beautiful set of antlers. The misty day makes for a great shot of the deer stealthily making their way.
Hilary said…
A couple of beauties. Ours don't feel quite as safe. There's a lot of crown land, and therefore hunting around us. Last year, they only started showing up about a week after hunting season. I expect it will be the same this year.
Anonymous said…
Oh my - what fabulous shots.
Jodiebodie said…
beautiful! I like your memo very much. xx
Marie Flutterby said…
Awesome capture of the White Tailed Deer and what a cute fluffy tail on the young female White Tailed Deer. =0)
Stephen Hayes said…
That female has a delightfully bushy tail. I like that in a female.
Jeanne said…
Really beautiful captures of these lovely deer !
Lisa Gordon said…
I am always happy to see them too!
They are truly such beautiful creatures.
These photographs are really wonderful, Daniel
This is the kind of shooting, the only kind of shooting, that makes my tail. That tail.. wow!

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