Waterway, a Duck, my Knee Surgery and More




My knee surgery went relatively well.  I'm home recovering and dealing with some pain, swelling etc... and can't wait to get the staples removed.  I'm also anxious to see my surgeon on the follow-up appointment to learn more about the surgery and his thoughts on my knee.  That's all the news about my knee.

On a different note, one of my photos was submitted to Canadian Geographic and placed 'First Honourable Mention' in the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year Contest.

Have a wonder filled day.


Stephanie said…
Great shot! How did your surgery go?
Stephen Hayes said…
Glad to hear that your knee surgery went well and is behind you. And congratulations on the success of your "forked tongue" picture. I can see why they liked it so much. It's a remarkable shot. I tried to leave a comment on the site but it wouldn't accept me.
Lia Storm said…
Congratulations on your photo award and I hope you continue to recover nicely from your surgery.

Beautiful picture as always :-)
Brian King said…
Hope you make a full recovery and glad the surgery went well! Congratulations on the photo submission!
Stephanie said…
Congrats on the First Honourable Mention!
Red said…
Congratulations on your photo in Canadian Geographical. I hope everything goes well with the knee.
Felicia said…
congrats on the award. hope you are healing quickly.
Pamela Gordon said…
I hope all is well after your knee surgery and that you heal and recover quickly. Congratulation on your award for the photo in National Geographic. Can you share the photo on your blog? It would be nice to see it. Blessings. Pam

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