Surfs Up

Lake Ontario

Something I've never tried, but it seems to be an activity that is becoming more and more popular. The young lady in the above photo certainly appears to be healthy and strong. Nevertheless, she did get knocked off a few times while I watched her battle the incoming surf.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Columbus Day!


Stephanie said…
It is a popular activity here too. Not my cup of tea to paddle about standing on a board. Give me a canoe any day to paddle, my preference of transport for a relaxing time on the water. Great shot!
I used to surf, but this I'll never quite understand. But then.. I'm old.
Andy said…
Even harder to keep one's balance on choppy water like this.
I am a kayaker. So either kayak, canoe or surf (body or wind) but this would not be my thing.
retriever said…
Wonderfull lake, greeting from Belgium.
Lisa Gordon said…
It's a lot of fun, but I'm good for about 5 seconds before going down!!!
Felicia said…
hmmmm not so sure. might be easier if the water was calm.
Pamela Gordon said…
A very popular sport these days but you won't find me doing it. LOL It takes a lot of strength and stamina for sure.

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