Family Tree

Have you ever wondered about your roots... who came before you? Some time ago, my brother Mitchell researched and eventually pulled together our family tree.

Here are a few generations.

Gaston Lafrance (b1929) - 001
Father - Gaston LaFrance (b 1929)

Omer Lafrance (b1890) - 001
Grandfather - Omer LaFrance (b 1890)

Great Grandfather - Eusèbe LaFrance

Eusebe Lafrance (b1826)
Great Great Grandfather - Eusèbe LaFrance (b1826)

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Very nice and yes wondering and wanting this too :)
Pamela Gordon said…
That is wonderful to find these old photos and connections to your family history. I am thankful to have had other relatives do this and actually make up long family trees on my family and my husband's. I find it very fascinating.
Stephanie said…
this is great. My cousin in Toronto did our Grandfather's side of family. It is very interesting when we find out who our ancesters were. Cool shots!
Stephen Hayes said…
Years ago when I researched my family tree, I discovered it was a weed.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is wonderful, Daniel.

I spent about 3 years doing this, and although at times it was really frustrating (thinking you're getting somewhere, and hitting a dead end), I am SO glad that I did it.
EG CameraGirl said…
My uncle did this for one side of my family but about the other side I know NOTHING! I am fortunate to have some of my grandparent's photos on the one side and she was diligent about saying who they are/were.
Hilary said…
Wow.. so wonderful that you have these photos AND know who everyone is. I have a couple of boxes of amazing old photographs but I am clueless as to who they are.
It's great to see the whole family tree, Daniel. Wonderful that you have all these pictures and know who they are. Before my father passed away he wrote the family story for us with pictures and names of everyone. I am so glad he did that. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke

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