Seasonal Shift


It does leave one wonder what cyclical weather pattern(s) are to come.


Gorgeous capture. Fall hasn't found us yet, impatiently waiting.
Buttons said…
Pretty but a little early don't you think?:) Hug B
Stephen Hayes said…
Weather seems to be so unpredictable these days. I can't recall another time in my life when the evening news began with the weather for months on end.

Love the photo. I can almost hear a breeze rustling through the leaves.
Stephanie said…
Yes, there are signs of Autumn here, leaves on the ground already. Beautiful shot!
Red said…
Beautiful! We're in for more.
Hilary said…
It does seem to be sudden and abrupt this year.. that end to summer.
LindyLou Mac said…
Lovely colours, we have been enjoying a lingering summer here in Wales.

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