Alpacas in the County

I recently dropped by an open house of a newer Alpaca farm [SHED: Chetwyn Farms] here in Prince Edward County... and naturally I brought my camera.

The Girls

Their Home

The Boys


Interesting Facts

  • Their fleece is luxurious, hypoallergenic, has extraordinary thermal properties and offers 22 natural colours, so no dye is necessary.
  • There are two types of alpaca: Huacaya (which produce a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fiber), and the Suri (with silky pencil-like locks, resembling dreadlocks but without matted fibers).


It was definitely an awesome experience.  The animals themselves were slightly timid but also curious.  Pipit (the white Alpaca approaching me) just loved attention.


Karen said…
Such cute critters! I use their fleece for knitting.
Lovely photos of these beautiful animals.
Buttons said…
"Naturally":) Oh I am so happy you did bring your camera I love those cute little fellas:) B
Felicia said…
Oh wow Daniel. How wonderful this would have been.

Pipit is just toooooo cute, actually she's beautiful, they all are.

The barn is wonderful too.
Stephen Hayes said…
They sure live well. That farm is immaculate and well maintained.
Stephanie said…
They are interesting looking animals, love all the photos. I noticed how clean the inside of the barn looked. We have one here as well.
Lisa Gordon said…
Seriously, those faces could not be more adorable!
I never knew there were 2 kinds.
Pamela Gordon said…
They are very cute! They look like large poodles. I love their home too. :)

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