Yellow Eyes




Happy birthday to all who are celebrating today or this month!

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Stephen Hayes said…
The yellow eye on that osprey looks unreal. I can only imagine how well he can see.
Indrani said…
Whoa! Superb!
Terrific captures.
These are wonderful shots, Daniel! Such fun to watch osprey! I haven't seen any this year.
Beautiful shots of this handsome bird.
eileeninmd said…
Gorgeous shots of the Osprey in flight. Well done! Thanks for linking up with my critter party.. Have a happy day!
Anni said…
Stunning. Spectacular....Outstanding. The osprey is one of my favorites!

Thanks for sharing your link this weekend at the Bird D'Pot.
Anvilcloud said…
Nice pics against a clear, blue sky.
Buttons said…
Love coming here Daniel. Happy Birthday Mom and my dear brother and everyone else I am sure there is a connection to someone close here:) . Hug B
Karen Ann said…
Beautiful captures here... I have not yet gotten that close to them with my lens...
Lisa Gordon said…
He is magnificent, Daniel, and so are the photographs you captured.
Magnifique post!
Have a nice day- Cath.

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