Sunny Sunny Sunny Days


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Have yourself a good one, eh!

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PerthDailyPhoto said…
What a happy shot, all those cheerful smiling upturned faces :) you have a good one too Daniel.
Karen Ann said…
An organization in our Town has given out sunflowers this year to encourage residents to grow them, to put a happy face on our town.

Love them, nice images too.

Brian King said…
Beautiful! I love sunflowers, but we typically don't have the big fields of them here.
Felicia said…
Thanks Daniel. you too. we are going out hunting covered bridges. I got my sunflowers yesterday.

Your images are beautiful.
Stephanie said…
Oh my, these are beautiful! I love sunflowers.
Brilliant capture! I drive past a huge field of sunflowers everyday on a busy road and it's so infuriating that there is no where to stop the car to capture them myself. They still make me smile though :-)
Stephen Hayes said…
It's raining here in Portland today so the only sunshine I'm getting is from your sunflowers. Thanks for brightening my day.
Lisa Gordon said…
And you do the same, Daniel!
I love these sunflowers!
Michelle said…
It has been rainy and dreary here in Kentucky today. Nice to see these sunflowers!
Lmkazmierczak said…
Stunning specimen and lovely processing♪

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