Royal Canadian Air Cadets

On this day, I set out with no particular destination in mind.  I was hoping for some visual cue to pull me in some direction... et voila, bright yellow aircraft and a glider.

Note the tow rope trailing behind the plane.


Coming in for a landing.

Glider and they spotted me.




Have a wonderful day or flight!

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Tabor said…
Terrific Daniel. Your clarity is amazing.
Stephen Hayes said…
I've been in helicopters and hot air balloons but I've never ridden in a glider. I think it would be an incredible experience. It's still on my bucket list.
Molly said…
I love the picture with the tree, great shot

This is such a great program for youth in our country. - Margy
Red said…
Did I ever tell you I like airplanes and flying? Super post.
Lisa Gordon said…
Wonderful photographs, Daniel!
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Wow, these are amazing photos. Crisp, clean, and bright. And so close! For a moment, I thought I was looking at a model airplane in flight.
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