Foster Pioneer Cemetery

It's interesting what one can discover when you least expect it.  As I drove down Fish Lake Road, I noticed this sign.  I looked around for evidence and eventually I noticed some headstones in the distance. It was quite aways from the road and over a farmers field away.  There was only a tractors path that led in the cemetery's direction.  Thankfully I was driving our SUV, but even then I realized there was only so far I could go.


I decided to walk the remainder of the way.  This wasn't a regularly visited graveyard by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, it was sort of sad to see the grounds unkempt and headstones broken, toppled over and in many cases barely legible.




Repaired headstone


Leaves me wondering a number of things, especially its future.


Buttons said…
Oh Daniel what an incredible find. B
Gail Dixon said…
What a neat place you stumbled upon! I love old graveyards. These are very nice photos.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a find this was, Daniel, but it is sad to know that it is in disrepair.
Stephanie said…
Even in unkempt and disrepair, to me gave character to the place. I rather like the overgrown look about it. Beautiful fine, all these images are wonderful!
Anvilcloud said…
You were pretty adventurous.
Stephen Hayes said…
It may be remote but still a beautiful spot. I'm glad you didn't give up on finding it. Someone must be watching over it to have repaired that tombstone.
Funny, your post caught my eye just as I was thinking about "things" too. My parents are buried in Quebec, my sister lives in Ottawa and I'm in Vancouver. My sister visited the cemetery last week and found it to be just a bit less cared for than she had hoped. I loved your photos, and in some sense, was comforted rather than saddened by the gentle way the stones had aged and the way they sort of melted into the greenery.
Marie said…
I love old cemeteries! You are right, though, it is sad when they are forgotten and neglected.

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