Facial Expressions #1

Queen B of the herd and this pesky fly won't leave me alone.

I've head-butted a few too many times.

I have a lot of head butting and attitude in me.

They call me... 'Sideways'.

The one constant... we're all unique.


Stephen Hayes said…
Your last comment is exactly what I was thinking. Each expression is so unique. It's almost like you can guess what they're thinking.
Red said…
I never noticed how goats have their eyes set in the side of their heads.
Stephanie said…
~sigh~ These are adorable, Daniel. Wonderful captures on these critter, love how each face showing their own expressions.
Felicia said…
Oh how cute are these. love the expressions Daniel.
Brian King said…
LOL! What faces! Great timing getting the fly on the first one!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Made me smile from the word go Daniel :)
Wonderful photos! They're so cute.
eileeninmd said…
Adorable faces and a great series of photos.. Thanks for sharing you post with my critter party.. Have a happy day!
Marie said…
Amusing, delightful portraits! :-)
Icy BC said…
Fantastic close up shots, and the expressions are priceless!
Hannah said…
Great captures of the various goat expressions, and your captions are funny too!

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