Can't really complain... it's still functional.

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Andy said…
I would prefer to stay on the outside.
Red said…
Now that's a classic. we could run a contest on naming the date this tired old building would finally collapse.
Stephen Hayes said…
Glad to hear it's still functional, but I wouldn't want to be inside in a stiff wind. Hope your weekend is relaxing.
Hilary said…
Wow.. the barn.. the gate.. even the tree. It puts me in mind of the children's nursery rhyme There Was A Crooked Man,
Lisa Gordon said…
My kind of building!
I love this, Daniel.
Michelle said…
Everything is looking a bit sideways in this shot and I love it.
bettyl-NZ said…
What a deliciously strange shot!
I hope it's only used for storage. I can't imagine anyone inside!
It's something I'd expect on Roan's Rubbish Tuesday!
Love the perspective with the wide angle. Not so sure I want to go in that building though! Brilliant blue sky also!
Anvilcloud said…
Older people and things do tend to get a little bent out of shape.

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