Black and White

Black and White Warbler (female)

Learn more about this warbler here.


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Stephen Hayes said…
It's unbelievable how you can place us right up close with these wonderful birds in ways were couldn't do on our own. Thanks so much.
Anonymous said…
Great shots, thanks for sharing!!!
Fantastic shots of this beautiful Warbler.
BumbleVee said…
love the one where it is looking so wild eyed...
Gail Dixon said…
Beautiful birds and so elusive! I saw these for the first time this spring. Pretty little things.
Lisa Gordon said…
She sure is a pretty little one, Daniel, and this is a wonderful series of photographs.
Pete Shanley said…
Nice shots - with a name like warbler I wonder if you were also enjoying some song!?
Hi!!!.. nice captures of this lovely bird.. Congrats..

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