Weekender Mashup

Note: click on image to enlarge.

Savannah Sparrow

Eastern Kingbird Phoebe feeding Juvenile

American Robin

Tree Canopy

Rain Burst


Stephen Hayes said…
Enjoyed them all, particularly the rain burst. Happy Weekend.
Roban said…
They're all lovely photos. The road looks like a peaceful place to be.
Red said…
Well, I like your weekender mash up. I particularly like the tree lined lane.
Stephanie said…
I absolutely love the last two shots!
Tabor said…
Applause. You have such great clarity.
Wow - your closeup shots of the birds are fantastic! I love the mom feeding the baby!
Kerri Farley said…
Lovely captures! LOVE the birdies!
Hilary said…
It's so enjoyable to watch the birds feeding their young. I love that tree-lined path.. just beautiful.

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