Ruffed Grouse

It took me a bit of time to locate this Grouse after hearing chatter.



Such a beautiful bird... detailed feather pattern.


Andy said…
That feather pattern gives them lots of camouflage.
Red said…
I agree that the intricate feather patterns contribute to the beauty of the bird. I also like the fence and brush in front of the bird.
Stephen Hayes said…
It's easy to understand how difficult it would be to find this bird in the underbrush because he blends in so well. Congratulations on getting these fine shots.
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel those feathers are simply amazing!
How fortunate you were to get these wonderful photographs.
Julie G. said…
Ohh ... such pretty feathers! The colors and patterns really help them blend in to the background. Cool bird! I would love to see one in person. Excellent details captured here!
Hilary said…
Great shots. I've had them present themselves to me three times when I didn't have my camera. Twice, just walking across the road ahead of me but once would have been great to capture. In spring, I saw a male strutting his stuff with the feathers all ruffled and tail spread out like he was the best thing that could ever happen. They're quite hilarious. Good for you for finding this one when so well hidden.
Great pictures, the feathers are beautiful!

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