No Loitering


I dunno... what do you think?

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Hilary said…
They're just not moootivated to mooove along. Or they'd just rather stay and keep each udder company.

Beautiful faces though. Nice catch. :)
Tabor said…
Well, I would have written a decent comment, but everything after Hilary is just soap suds.
Anvilcloud said…
Face the camera, you cowherds.
Stephen Hayes said…
I imagine this scene is prettier than it smells, not that I've spent much time around cows.
Stephanie said…
Great capture! That is what they do best, stand around all day munching on grass.
EG CameraGirl said…
I think it's okay if these cows want to loiter. I'm not going to tattle on them. ;))
Lisa Gordon said…
What a great group, Daniel!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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