European Adventure - Part XI Rome

I was quite impressed with the beauty of the Amalfi Coast (Part X).  The atmosphere was intoxicating.

Note:  Now this post is a bit late given the cruise was last year (2013).  As the saying goes, better late than never.  If you wish to see all previous post of our adventure, checkout the links at the bottom of this post.

Our last port of call is Rome (Civitavecchia).  We added a couple of extra days to take in the sites before we flew home. You can spend a number of weeks in Rome and still not experience everything.  It is certainly overwhelming to see so much history.

Coming into Civitavecchia and enjoying breakfast.

Disclaimer:  I can't for the life of me remember everything I saw.  So the photos will have to suffice.  I also want to let you know the Vatican has a strict rule on taking photos in the Sistine Chapel (link to a virtual tour). That said, many folks ignored the rule until they were approached by a guard.

Some folks travelled by train back to the airport, while others opted to take the motorcoach.
When we arrived, we took a taxi (cab) to our hotel.  After checking in and settling in, we set off on foot to explore our neighbourhood.

Neither of us (Linda and I) speak Italian, so asking for directions or any other information was as I like to call it... an adventure.  Sure some locals spoke some level of English... which I found to be both amusing and frustrating at times.

DOL-A-2589 DOL-A-2596

A few blocks from the hotel is this traffic circle with a large circular fountain.  The lady holding some sort of prized bird is as you can see in severe need of a cleaning.


Most cars are small and many travel by motor-bike or scooter.  Did you happen to notice the cobbled street or the ornate decorative dressage atop the building?

There are over 900 churches in Rome


Another church we came across during our 'stroll'.  Oh, and never judge a book by its cover... just say'n.



Trevi Fountain

Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps

At the foot of the Spanish Steps is a beautiful square and the Fontana della Barcaccia.



The Column of the Immaculate Conception or la Colonna dell'Immacolata, is a nineteenth-century monument in central Rome, located in what is called Piazza Mignanelli, but is only the south east extension of Piazza di Spagna.


The Colosseum is a most impressive building even as a ruin.  It is apparently under renovations; however, they are still conducting tours... so I was told.

Rome's Parliament Building

St. Peters Square


Scale model of the Vatican




One of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's main creations invariably draws the immediate attention of visitors: the enormous, twenty-six meter high bronze baldachin over the papal altar. The Baroque masterpiece is crafted from bronze that was taken from the ceiling of the Pantheon. The design of the spiraling columns was inspired by marble columns that originally adorned the crypt of the old basilica. 

Pope Paul XXIII

Statue of Pope John Paul II

Hope you enjoyed this post and all previous posts of our adventure.

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Stephanie said…
Wow, impressive images, Daniel. Love being an armchair traveller through your lens.
Stephen Hayes said…
I've always found it incredible that Bernini could remove all that bronze from the Pantheon and it's still standing. Now that's brilliant Ancient Roman engineering. Love your pictures.
Anvilcloud said…
It must have been a great trip. I especially like the interior photo, before the Trevi Fountain one. May I ask if you got to my blog through Blogger or G+? I don't intend to put in on G+, but I guess it's okay.
Felicia said…
beautiful images of a very beautiful city. Thanks for sharing.
EG CameraGirl said…
A dream trip, that's for sure!
Rome is spectacular as evidenced by your photos!
eileeninmd said…
What an awesome tour! Wonderful photos of Rome, thanks for sharing your trip!
Liz said…
These images bring back some wonderful memories of my trip to the UK & Europe in 2010. I absolutely loved Rome!
You've really captured the beauty of Rome in these lovely photos. It's 30 years since I was there but I'd love to go back.

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