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No Loitering

I dunno... what do you think?
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European Adventure - Part XI Rome

I was quite impressed with the beauty of the Amalfi Coast (Part X).  The atmosphere was intoxicating.

Note:  Now this post is a bit late given the cruise was last year (2013).  As the saying goes, better late than never.  If you wish to see all previous post of our adventure, checkout the links at the bottom of this post.

Our last port of call is Rome (Civitavecchia).  We added a couple of extra days to take in the sites before we flew home. You can spend a number of weeks in Rome and still not experience everything.  It is certainly overwhelming to see so much history.

Disclaimer:  I can't for the life of me remember everything I saw.  So the photos will have to suffice.  I also want to let you know the Vatican has a strict rule on taking photos in the Sistine Chapel (link to a virtual tour). That said, many folks ignored the rule until they were approached by a guard.

Some folks travelled by train back to the airport, while others opted to take the motorcoach.
When we arrived, w…

Eastern Cottontail

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a critter or family pet?  What do you suppose is going on in the mind(s) of the bunnies below?

Hope you're having a Hoppy day!
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Ruffed Grouse

It took me a bit of time to locate this Grouse after hearing chatter.

Such a beautiful bird... detailed feather pattern.

Seasonal Expression


What's in a Name

Have you seen any interesting names?

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Family Farm and Church

The two locations where a farmer could be found.

Weekender Mashup

Note: click on image to enlarge.

Flying Dragon