Sandpiper Like No Other

In Canada, the Upland Sandpiper inhabits grasslands in the prairie provinces, southern Ontario and Quebec, the Maritimes and Yukon Territory. 

For more info about the Upland Sandpiper, click here.

  • The Upland Sandpiper is the "shorebird of the prairie".  While most of its relatives are never found far from water, this species has made itself at home on the grasslands.
  • Older names are the Upland Plover and Bartram's Sandpiper. The genus name and the old common name Bartram's Sandpiper commemorate the American naturalist William Bartram.
  • Once abundant in the Great Plains and Prairies, it has undergone steady population declines since the mid-19th century, because of hunting and loss of habitat.


Click here to hear the Contact Call and Song of the Upland Sandpiper

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Red said…
You have a great coverage of the Upland sandpiper. There are areas in the west where poor land has not been developed and you can see quite a few sandpipers.
Stephen Hayes said…
Against the grass this bird is easy to spot but it would be practically invisible next to the sand or gravel.
Cloudia said…
Excellent post!

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= <3
Gillian Olson said…
Wonderful birds and new to me, thanks for the background, great photos too.
Buttons said…
I have seen a few around my area but never that close. They are beautiful especially the fuzzy one. Hug B
Pamela Gordon said…
What beautiful photos of this rare sandpiper especially the ones with the baby. So cute!
Lisa Gordon said…
Awww, that little one is so precious.
They really blend in with their surroundings.
Beautiful photographs, Daniel.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Michelle said…
As always, great detail on these shots!

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