Oh Momma

I've been sheared and I'm eating for two; how do you think I feel?

I'm hiding... my stretch marks. Do you mind!

How do I feel?  Read me lips!


Stephen Hayes said…
Great pics. I'd like to see these guys with a full coat before shearing. Say, my Blogger Dashboard stopped working yesterday and I understand many people are experiencing this problem. I'm still posting MWF even if you don't receive a notice.
Andy said…
The one with the tongue sticking out put a big smile on my face. Thank you.
EG CameraGirl said…
Ha! You made me laugh out loud!
Jeanne said…
Very cute shots... love that read me lips.... so funny
Stephanie said…
Awwww, so cute and love your commentary! Very amusing. Love seeing the textures of these guys fur through lens.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is wonderful, Daniel, and what a sweet face on her.

Thank you for the smiles!!! :-)

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